Calendar Art from the 1979 Tolkien Calendar

January '79
Bilbo's Birthday Party January '79
Bilbo's Birthday Party February '79
Leaving the Shire March '79
The Black Riders Leaving Bree April '79
Rivendell April '79
Rivendell April '79
Rivendell May '79
Isengard May '79
Merry and Pippin Captured by the Orcs May '79
Mordor June '79
Moria June '79
Moria June '79
Moria July '79
Gandalf vs. the Balrog August '79
Frodo in the Shire at night August '79
The Shire at night August '79
The Shire at night September '79
Sam, Frodo, and Gollum October '79
Treebeard holding Merry and Pippin November '79
The Battle of Helms Deep December '79
Gandalf and Frodo