Tom's JRR Tolkien Page

I've decided to dedicate a separate entry for an author I consider one of the most inspirational that I've read.
I say this as it is his works that started me to read books for other than an academic reason.
To me, John Ronald Reuel (JRR) Tolkien has written one of the most awe inspiring literary works that
has opened a fantastic world to many of us, and I know for myself to visit this world would be a dream come true.
I started with 'The Hobbit'. To some it may only be a children's tale. For me, it was the beginning of
a reading frenzy that still exists. I followed 'The Hobbit' with his trilogy - The Lord of the Rings.
And then his son came out with 'The Silmarilion'. That was followed by 'The Book of Lost Tales', 'Unfinished
Tales', etc. These sequels (or actually prequels) even more shaped the world Tolkien created.
After finishing his trilogy, I read many other works in search of the same type of fantasy. I've found none.
There are those works that are fun to read, but, to me, none have equaled the talents of Tolkien.
I should state that I not only read fantasy, but all genres of literature. From the classics to modern
writers, fiction and non, I read them all. But it was with the fantasy I started, and I find it is
to the fantasy I usually return when in search of something new. But I digress...

To continue with my Tolkien-ese:
And as I peruse the internet I find there are MANY others who also admire his works. One of my favorite
sites is The One
But there are so many sites, and each has something unique to offer.
And, like these websites, I believe I have something to offer.
Over the years besides reading and re-reading these works, and because of my affinity
for these works, I make it an annual event, or "Pilgrimage" if you will, to purchase
a Tolkien Calendar. I started in 1979 and have continued this to this day. When a new
calendar is purchased, I can't find it in my heart to discard the previous calendar.
I've kept all these calendars. And so, I've scanned the art from these calendars and
am going to share some of them with you here. I am starting with the 1979 and 1980 calendars.
The 1979 calendar pictures are from the animated version of the Lord of the Rings movie by Ralph Bakshi.
I wasn't overly enthralled with this version, but some of the animation was interesting.
And the 1980 calendar pictures are from various illustrators.
I've also included the art from the 2002 Tolkien Calendar. This features the art of Ted Nasmith.
His is the work of many of the calendars for Tolkien. Anyway, I hope you like these pictures.

The 1979 Tolkien Calendar Art The 1980 Tolkien Calendar Art The 2002 Tolkien Calendar Art