As a former student of Texas A&M University

I began my collegiate years as a freshman in 1974 at Texas A&M University. This made me a member of the
class of '78 of Texas A&M University. I graduated in 1979, but I'm still a member of the class of '78. Don't ask. It's an Aggie thing.
And yes, I crammed four years of college into 5. It was tough, but I managed.

Here are a couple pictures to get started with the Texas A&M thing.
This is a picture of the unit to which I belonged my first 4 years at Texas A&M University - ROTC Unit D1.
OR (as I remember more affectionately)
"Devil D, Ramblin' Screamin' Demons, The Best Damn Outfit Anywhere"
This, by the way, is my senior year at TAMU. As I said, I was in ROTC, or - The Corps of Cadets. I am quite proud
that I was able to finish this. Upon graduation, I was commissioned into the US Navy. But,
there it is, and as I said, I am in this picture. See if you can figure out where I am...

My Outfit - My Senior Year

This next picture was the gift given to each senior of the class of '78. I still have mine, as you can see.
Okay, it's a little worn, but hey... it's over 30 years old. Okay, that's scary, isn't it.

D-1 Class of '78 Senior Gift

There will be more pictures to come, but on a final UNDER CONSTRUCTION note - Gig 'em, Aggies.